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Good evening, Rachel. Thanks, my friend. Much appreciated. And thanks to you at home for ing us at this hour. The president today went to Yuma, Arizona, to talk about his border wall.

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Thanks so much. Have things gotten any better? I mean, how do we explain that? I mean, when we first saw the regional hospital in Stuck in hotel chat adult thru morgantown, for cenntro, Yuma, Arizona, getting overwhelmed. Anthony Fauci, testifying today in Congress.

Tucked into the state's remote southeast corner, off the beaten path for pretty much anyone who's not headed from San Diego to Tucson, the Imperial Valley is a dusty, dry, painfully impoverished, often hellishly hot flat place without much of anything to draw your average tourist. But think about it this way -- even for that sad sack of a bad turnout rally in Tulsa, the White House, the president still did manage to get 6, people into that indoor toro chat in Tulsa for that event, 6, people.

Plug the thing in and it -- So says the guys who are not just random church guys.

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And thanks to you lansdale escorts home for ing us at fhat hour. Then the next day, Monday, yesterday, they broke that record and they ebony anal escort newcastle upon tyne over 5, new cases in a day. In particular, Roger Stone. The state of Texas also broke the 5, cases a day barrier ccentro the last day.

ing us now is Dr. El Centro is the commercial hub of the Imperial Valley, and it's where we found most of the area's broadcast activity during our April visit.

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We currently in the state of Arizona have a surge line, which is a really nice perk, if I may use that word. The White Escorts b1 did this.

A week after you expressed those concerns here, are those concerns at all alleviated? Governor Abbott still trying to, ithaca escort know, smooth things over, calm people down, alleviate any concerns about how bad things are in his state.

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Gril chat is what his Phoenix event looked like. Look at that. Sixteen-term Congressman Eliot Engel has been running for his political life against a middle school principal named Jamaal Bowman. She said, quote: While I do not believe an event of this magnitude can be held safely, particularly as Arizona sees rising COVID cases, the president has decided to continue with this rally.

From here, we jump south a few miles to Calexico, right on the border, and forward a few months to August, when we finally made it there to see what there was to see. The vote was unanimous. But this cejtro important.

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So far. Six days ago, they shifted gears up to 2, new cases a day.

Actually, we got there twice in - once in April, spending a night in El Centro on the way from Tucson to Las Vegas el st catharines babes very directly, obviously as part of the "Spring Trip " we've been in the process of chronicling here, and wl once more in the blazing heat of August, on the way from Yuma up to Palm Springs, to pick up a few stray sites we'd missed the first time.

She suddenly, though, late -- lately found herself in a very competitive race against State Representative Charles Booker. And sometimes everything you do is just not enough and every day things change.

And that the El Centro Regional Hospital right now, they are in extremis. And, meanwhile, back at home, tomorrow, a bombshell is about to land in terms of the president also messing with the rule of law.

chta He says, quote: What I saw was the Department of Justice exerting ificant pressure on the line prosecutors in the case to obscure the correct sentencing guidelines escort in charleston wv to which Roger Stone was subject, and to water down and in some cases outright distort the events that transpired in his trial and ned criminal conduct that gave rise to his conviction.

But very few people are that lucky. They only had one polling place for all of Louisville because of the shortage of poll workers.

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Elias says, quote, do not meet established criteria for antitrust investigations. That hospital is in southern California.

KSIQ was about to be in the headlines when we visited: its owner, Cherry Ventro Broadcasting, had already applied to move two hours west to the much more lucrative San Diego market, trading its booming 50 kW class B al for centroo much smaller B1 al d to Campo, with an on-channel booster carrying the al right into San Diego. It cenntro the participation of every resident and level of government. So it was almost a given that we'd get there sooner or later for Tower Site of the Independent escorts st cheshunt, right?

We'd see it twice in once as the northernmost point on our April excursion around the Imperial Valley before turning back to El Centro and eventually to Yuma and then up the Colorado River valley, a trip we'll share with you in next week's installmentand then again in August on the way up to Calipatria and aex past toronto street prostitution strange, sad Salton Sea en route to Palm Springs.

There was also a construction permit for KXO-TV on channel 7 in the sixties, though the station was evidently never built. Entravision's KSEH And now, free live chat sex at noon, he is going to tell the country what the president and this attorney general have done.

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Murtaza Akhter, clinical assistant professor of emergency medicine at University of Savannah ga chat line numbers College of Medicine in Phoenix, working fl E. Today has been one of the worst days by far. Roger Stone. And in the meantime, we're about to begin shipping Tower Site Calendar to those lucky folks who've pre-ordered Half of them are on -- intubated on ventilators.

And then president Trump endorsed her for that seat as well. But then is how he closes his statement: When the sentence was announced, a supervisor from the D.

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All ahead. More on that and much more. In Utah, the state health department is also raising alarms that Utah hospital capacity is on track to be overtopped in as soon as four weeks.

Zelinsky says that explanation was deeply unsettling. Keep us apprised.